Thursday, November 30, 2017

Getting Some More Books Re-Released!

And Even More Re-Releases Are Finally Out!

Thief's Desire and Destiny's Seduction have print editions out now! Yay! They are still moving out into all the distributions sites, but here are the links I have for them now (check back as I'll update as more come in).

THIEF'S DESIRE (print edition) available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
DESTINY'S SEDUCTION (print edition) available now from: Barnes & Noble

I've also managed to get out four more of my back list.

My erotic Halloween novella BONFIRE NIGHT is now available (in ebook) from:

This one was out in time for Halloween, but October got away from me, so I'm posting this a bit late. But now it'll be there ready for anytime you need a sexy Halloween read.

Additionally, I got the entire Fire and Tears series re-released (in ebook) in October. Books 2 and 3 have new titles--The Darkness of Glengowyn is NOW Darkness Singed. Warrior's Dawn is NOW Dawn Ignited. I haven't actually changed anything in the books (except for some typos) from their original releases, so if you've bought the originally published versions, you don't need to re-purchase these versions. If you haven't taken a look at this sexy fantasy romance series, you might want to give them a try.

BRIGHTARROW BURNING (Fire and Tears 1): Amazon | Kobo | iBooks | BN Nook | Smashwords
DARKNESS SINGED (Fire and Tears 2): Amazon | Kobo | iBooks | BN Nook | Smashwords
DAWN IGNITED (Fire and Tears 3): Amazon | Kobo | iBooks | BN Nook | Smashwords

The Fire and Tears series will be released in print as well, but I might not be able to get that finalized until the new year--hopefully January. I'll post updates when the print editions are out. I may also go ahead and do a print version of Bonfire Night as well. I'll update that here too when it happens.

For the two Christmas stories in my backlist, I'm not sure I'll have time to get them out this month. But I will update here when I've got them ready.

And for NEW RELEASE updates, I'll be starting the editing process with my fellow authors for the next New York Empires Hockey series in January! I'll also be working on getting The Naravan Chronicles out in 2018--including a NEW BOOK in the series!

Keep checking back for updates on all the backlist and new book releases. You can also sign up at my newsletter to get the information directly into your inbox.

Happy Winter, everyone! And happy reading!