Monday, September 25, 2017

As Promised...Re-RELEASES!!!

It's true! I'm finally getting my backlist sorted and making it available again--refreshed with all new covers and updated blurbs. For the most part, the actually books are the same as the previously published versions, just with some typos fixed here and there. So if you already own copies of these books, you don't need to buy the updated versions.

The process of getting the backlist re-released will take some time, but at least the process has begun. (Thank you Pre-K for providing my youngest a place to be for several hours a day so I can work *grin*). I'm making my way through the ebook copies first, but print copies of almost everything will follow. And if you'd like up to date information about the new releases, you can join my newsletter. It will be an erratic, sent out only when I have news, kind of newsletter (and if I have a lot of news, only once a month) so as not to clutter your already busy inboxes.

It seems fitting that to begin the process of re-releasing backlist, I start with two of my earliest books. Thief's Desire and Destiny's Seduction. For the first time in their more than 15 year history of publication, they actually have complimentary covers now too! That part is still pretty exciting to me.

Thief's Desire (Fate's Hand, Book 1)
Amazon | iBooks | Kobo | Nook | Smashwords

She’s a thief. He protects the king. They aren’t meant to be together. Then Fate comes calling…

Available September 28, 2017

Destiny's Seduction (Fate's Hand, Book 2)
Amazon | iBooks | Kobo | Nook | Smashwords

She holds the fate of the world in the palm of her hand. He has to protect her, whether he likes it or not. And love is their only chance…

Available September 29, 2017

If all goes to plan, the next release will be my super sexy paranormal romance, Bonfire Night, just in time for October and Halloween! The ebook will be available on October 6th. Again with print to follow when I can.

After that, look for the Fire&Tears series to come out, hopefully in October. More new covers and I have new titles for the last two books in the series--I'm doing a number of title changes for the backlist, so be sure to check the blurbs to see if you own the books already! And remember, most ebook retailers will take returns if you discover you do own a book already.

If I can manage it, I'll get the two Christmas-themed stories I have up in November in time for Christmas. Then look for the re-release of The Naravan Chronicles in 2018. For that series, I'll also have a NEW RELEASE to cap off the re-releases! So that'll be fun. All of The Naravan Chronicles books have had their titles changed, simplified really, but I'll be sure to remind everyone of that when the releases start happening.

And finally, I am working on another New York Empires anthology with Stacey Agdern and Kenzie MacLir. Be sure to check back for updates on that. (or again, you could join my newsletter--which I promise will not spam your inbox!)

Happy Fall Everyone! I hope it's full of good reads and a few peaceful moments here and there. (Which I think we all need right now!)