Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Update on all the Out of Print stuff!

As you might have noticed a LOT of my stuff is out of print at the moment. I officially got every single story I previously had with a publisher back this year (along with all the books I got the rights back to in previous years). So they'll all be coming out again soon! I just have to make my way through the backlist.

If you'd like immediate updates on the new releases and reissues, I've finally set up a newsletter. This will be one of those randomly sent newsletters that you get when I have actual news to announce, so you won't be inundated. Even if I have a lot of news, I'll consolidate it into no more than one mailing a month. This mailing list is still in it's infancy, so welcome if you decide to receive it!

As for the reissues, the first two books coming out will be THIEF'S DESIRE and DESTINY'S SEDUCTION! And they finally have covers that match! I'm very excited about that. Here they are in a little sneaky reveal:


Aren't they pretty?! Once I get the books copyedited and formatted, those two will be released in ebook and print. Check back for updates (or sign up for my newsletter).

After that, I'll be reissuing THE NARAVAN CHRONICLES series. They're getting updated covers now and will have shortened (and easier to remember!) titles. And I'll finally be getting the next book in that series finished and released--that's a new one for readers, never been out before. So not only will you have the previous four published stories to read, you'll get a new one in this world, too! (Hopefully by the end of the year).

I'll work on getting the FIRE AND TEARS books out at around the same time I'm reissuing The Naravan Chronicles. They mostly just need new cover art, proofing, and reformatting.

Once those major series books are out, I'll start in on the other single stories. Most of this should be happening in 2018. I'm considering writing the sequel to Marshall's Guard finally, so I'll probably reissue that book with the sequel to follow. And I'd like to expand Siren Singing into a series (it was always meant to be one) so watch this space for more on that.

In the meantime, I'm still putting out new paranormal romances under my other pseudonym--Kat Simons. The 8th book in her Tiger Shifters series came out in January 2017 and the next book will be coming out May/June 2017. Pop over to Kat's website for more information.

In the meantime, hope everyone is enjoying their spring!
Happy Reading!