Tuesday, March 06, 2018

The Return of the Naravan Chronicles

More re-releases! And at the end of this batch, there will also be a new SF Romance from me (whoop!).

The Naravan Chronicles have been freshened up with new matching covers (yay!) and shortened titles (much easier to pronounce). The four previously published stories will be releasing once a month, starting with PROMISE (previously The Promise of Kierna'Rhoan), starting on March 9, 2018 (yay again!).

PROMISE (The Naravan Chronicles 1)
Caught between duty and a growing passion that could destroy everything...or save their lives.

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PROMISE is available for pre-order now (and will be out soon as I write this), so be sure to check it out. For a very limited time after release (and during the preorder period), all of the previously published books will be discounted too, so don't miss that!

The fourth story in the series, PARADISE, coming in June, was only available previously in an exclusive anthology for the Romantic Times conference in 2016, so this story will likely be new to most readers (*confetti toss*).

Each story will be released in ebook followed by print. And then this fall, (finally!) the next book in the series, FLIGHT, will be released (*whooping and cheering* *more confetti tossing* *Champaign cork pop*). I'm pretty excited about this newest space adventure romance (if you can't tell). Raf Tygran and Clare O'Malley are an excellent match.

While I love all of my books, this particular series is near and dear to my heart. PROMISE was the very very first book I ever published--19 years ago in May, with one of the very first ebook publishers (yes, that's all the way back in 1999 before we even had easy peasy shopping carts!). The idea for PROMISE came from a dream. I wrote the book while I was supposed to be working on my Ph.D. (oops *grin*). It's seen many iterations at this stage. But somehow it's still kicking around. And I couldn't be prouder (though, do keep in mind it's 20 years old when you get to the hero smoking all the time). I have a real soft spot for this book, and the series that came from it. I hope you'll enjoy the books, too.

Happy Reading!