Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Happy Holiday Release!

After three years out of print, THE PROMISE OF KIERNA'RHOAN is available December 5th from Samhain Publishing. Isn't the new cover art fabulous! The book has been edited and a few things added including excerpts from Kira's journal at the start of each chapter. Changes have been made from the original, so I'm posting an updated excerpt on my blog.

There is some Kierna'Rhoan pages on the website, but they do have to be updated, so forgive any discrepancies (my fault--being a new mom has put me shockingly behind in all things web related :))

And since we're coming into the holiday season, if you haven't read them yet, don't forget my two little Christmas stories: CHRISTMAS HELP HER from Ellora's Cave (also available in the WICKED WINTER paperback anthology) and CHRISTMAS PRESENT from Echelon Press.

SIREN SINGING (Ellora's Cave) and LADY OF THE HERD (Crescent Moon Press) are also available for your reading pleasure and excerpts of each are on my blog.

As another little bit of news, for those of you who own a Kindle, the Amazon e-reader, my current Samhain books, THE HERON'S CALL and TALES FROM LACHMUIRGHAN, are available through the Kindle Store. THE PROMISE OF KIERNA'RHOAN will be available eventually as well.

Last bit of news: SIREN SINGING has received some very nice reviews since it's release in June.

FIVE ANGELS! "I loved the characters, the descriptions of their worlds, thedescriptions of the cultural differences, and the compromises thathad to be made to bring these two individuals together as a pair. "

Grade A "Sexy, fun, and more than one twist and double twist make SirenSinging a keeper. Isabo Kelly gets to the heart of the matter,keeping a fast pace and though it's a fast read, nothing is lost inthe telling of this book. A beautiful woman, a sexy man, beginning asstrangers, become lovers and then friends. I really enjoyed it andit's earned its place on my keeper shelf."

Happy Holidays everyone! And Happy Reading!