Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Two New Books!

LADY OF THE HERD, my fantasy romance novella with Crescent Moon Press is officially out! Swing by and have a look--or better yet, pick up the novella. This is not an erotic romance so this is a good one for those of you a little burnt out on erotic novels. I'm also going to post a short excerpt on my blog for those of you who want a little taste of the book.

And for those of you not, you can get my latest from Ellora's Cave, SIREN SINGING. Though it's listed on their site as a fantasy, it's actually a science fiction erotic romance novel, just in case you happen to be particular about that distinction. You can go to my blog for an excerpt or read the excerpt at Ellora's Cave for a little taste of the book.

In other news, I'm guest blogging at Novelspot all this week (July 7 through July 11) in their Behind the Scenes's blog. I'm talking about how I came to be a writer, from the beginning when I didn't think I could even be a writer, through my first publication. Stop by and have a peak, and comment if you like. One cavate, for those of you who know I'm pregnant, my due date was July 7th, so outside of being in waiting mode, I may disappear mid-week. I'll try to make sure all the blog entries go up, no matter what. But at least you'll know why I've vanished if I do :)

Happy Reading!