Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Catch Up and Heads Up

So! I have a few backlist releases that have come out recently which do need to be mentioned. I seem to be all about the science fiction romance at the moment, but there will be more fantasy romance at some stage, I promise. For now...

Catch Up

The box set for The Naravan Chronicles series is out from all eBook vendors I can get it into (I'm working on Google Play; if you're a Google Play reader, sorry about the delay. I hope to be there in the near future so you can check back for updated links). If you're the type to want All The Things At Once, this may be the better way to get the series as it includes all of the currently released stories (5 books!).

Also, I finally managed to get Marshall's Guard re-released with a lovely new cover! This one is in eBook and Print (Amazon | B&N | Book Depository for free international shipping) so you can choose your favorite format.

In eBook only, I've started releasing some older short stories, starting with my Eldora Station shorts. There will be more in the Eldora Station series in the future, including a longer novella/short novel. In the meantime, Last Call On Eldora Station is out now!

[UPDATE] Christmas on Eldora Station (originally published in RT magazine in 2009) released in May (on my birthday!). It's available everywhere in ebook! A little taste of space Christmas in the summer. *grin*

Heads Up

Now for the heads up. First, I will be moving the website to a new hosting site with a new look and everything. This is going to take me some time and likely won't be up and running until the fall (maybe later). There may be some weirdness during the move, but I'll give a warning of impending disruption closer to the time. In the meantime, this site will still be here. Or you can join my newsletter for more timely updates. The newsletter only comes out when I have news, though, so it's sporadic.

And second, for those of you who've been with me for ages, you might remember an excerpt I posted eons ago for a new paranormal romance series I was toying with (The Trouble with Black Cats and Demons). Well, I've gone back to work on that series and my other persona Kat Simons will be releasing the series starting this year (I'm releasing it under the Kat Simons name because that's where all the paranormal romance and urban fantasy is going to go in the future). It's more urban fantasy romance now than paranormal romance, but I'm having a blast writing it. I hope readers will enjoy it too.

That's the big news for now! Be sure to check back for updates!
Happy Reading!