Monday, April 04, 2016

Spring Update


Hi all! It's that time of year, and once again I'll be at Romantic Times BOOKLOVERS Convention in Las Vegas this year! I'll be there from April 13 - 16th. You can find me on a science fiction panel: The Dangerous, the Devious and the Irresistible on Thursday (April 14), and as usual at the Intergalactic Bar & Grille party on Friday (April 15). This year, we're giving away a special print anthology exclusive for readers who attend the Bar & Grille, so make sure to get there early--only the first 200 readers will get the anthology!

And of course, I'll be signing at the Giant Book Fair on Saturday (April 16th). I'll have the print WARRIOR'S DAWN (yay!) and...drum roll *g*... I'll have the print edition of one of my other pseudonym's books.
edition of

That's right, I actually have another pseudonym. Kat Simons is writing and publishing Paranormal Romance. At the moment, she's up to Book 6 in her bestselling Tiger Shifters paranormal romance series. It'll be book 1, ONCE UPON A TIGER, that I have with me at the signing.

RT is the first time I'll be out and about as both Isabo and Kat so feel free to accost both the me's and ask questions. The book signing is usually open to the public too if you happen to live in Las Vegas, so there's another place to find me. And for convention-goers, the two me's will be at the Saturday evening FAN-TASTIC Day party as well. Find me and say hi!


Don't miss my latest short story release THE LAST GUARDIAN. It's available in ebook from

This story was originally published in SUM3: The 2006 Zircon Anthology of Speculative Romance Fiction, edited by Jody Wallace and was the winner of the 2004 Zircon Award (during it's inaugural year). SUM3 is out of print now, so I wanted to get the story back out for readers.

As many of you may have heard, Samhain Publishing announced they're closing their doors. When this happens, my Samhain books will revert to me, but have no fear, I'll be re-releasing them. Hopefully they won't be out of print for too long. In the meantime, they're all still available from the usual vendors.

Which brings me to my Ellora's Cave stories. I have gotten the rights back for all those books, and I will finally be re-releasing them all this year. I'm starting with THIEF'S DESIRE and DESTINY'S SEDUCTION, but look for all the books over the course of 2016. I'm really excited about the re-releases because for the first time ever THIEF and DESTINY will have series matching covers! In all the years those books have been available, they've never had covers that matched (or often even revealed their genre of fantasy romance very good!). Well, now I'm going to make sure the covers look like series covers. I'm really excited about that.

Keep checking back for updates. I'll try to let you know what's happening as soon as I do (and more regularly than I have been--you can blame Kat for that as she's been occupying a lot of my time *g*).

In the meantime, Happy Reading!