Thursday, March 31, 2011

Spring has Sprung--and it's still cold!

Happy Spring fellow readers!

I have a new fantasy romance novella coming out from Samhain Publishing in the autumn (current release date October 4, 2011, but watch here for any changes).

The story was originally titled Elf Fire--which was perfectly adequate and suited the story. But the most excellent editorial directors at SP didn't like it and wanted me and my editor to think of something else. We thought, we debated, we asked for other opinions, we went several rounds. And finally we found a title we all loved!

My autumn release from Samhain Publishing will be called BRIGHTARROW BURNING! (Pretty cool title, huh?)

I'll post the official blurb when I get one and as soon as I see the final cover art, I'll be sure to show it off. In the meantime, here's an unoffiical blurb to whet the appetite:

Layla Brightarrow's world fell apart the day the Sorcerers invaded her city. Abandoned by the neighboring elven kingdom, her people struggle to stay alive. Then some of the elves break their neutrality and side with the Sorcerers. And suddenly Layla has a new mission--to assassinate the brother of the elf lord she's secretly loved all her life, Ulric of Glengowyn.

When Ulric uses seduction to keep her from her mission, claiming he's only trying to protect her, resisting him proves impossible. Risking betrayal and the very survival of her people for the man she loves, Layla must decide between duty and desire. Trusting Ulric could get her killed. But it could also be her ultimate salvation.

Happy Reading!