Thursday, March 25, 2010

I thought it was Spring!

Hi from a chilly wet New York! Spring will come soon. We have to keep up hope!

AUTHOR SIGHTINS: I'll be giving a talk at the Claredon Library in Brooklyn on April 6th at 6pm. Anyone in the area please come out and visit! I'll be answering questions about anything you want to know about books, writing, publishing. I'm at the audience's disposal. I'll also do a little reading from THE PROMISE OF KIERNA'RHOAN, and have a few copies of books for those interested.

From April 24-May2nd, I'll be at the Romantic Times Convention in Columbus, Ohio. If you're in the area, or attending the conference, be sure to say HI! I'll be participating in some really excellent panels this year, including one on choreographing and writing fight scenes using stage combat techniques! I'm also on a ebook publishing panel and of course we'll be hosting another Intergalactic Bar and Grille party. I'll be signing ebooks on Friday (April 30) and print books at the big book fair on Saturday (May 1). Should be a great time for all!

Happy Spring! Here's to hoping the weather finally gets nice for us.

Happy Reading~~