Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Okay, I know the site isn't updated yet, and a month ago I mentioned it would be updated soon. This is primarily my fault for being a waffly kind of author and driving my poor webmistress bonkers with my indecision. For her part, my poor beleagered webmistress has been very busy too! BUT we're nearing in on a final site overhaul, so keep stopping by to see the new look :)

And now for the NEWS:

DESTINY'S SEDUCTION is finally available from Cerridwen Press! Woohoo!! Read an excerpt here or at Cerridwen Press (which is a different excerpt than the one on this site, so you get a double dose of the book ). DESTINY'S SEDUCTION is the award winning sequel to THIEF'S DESIRE and takes up the tale roughly twenty years later when the baby, Arlana, is grown.

And speaking of THIEF'S DESIRE, you can finally pick up a paperback copy of this book from Cerridwen Press! The paperback should also be available through and can be ordered at your local bookstore by the end of September.

Now you can buy them both and read them one after another. It'd be fun :)

Also, I have a free short prose poem up at a new publisher's site. Go to Crescent Moon Press and visit The Glade. My prose poem is called SINGS THE FOREST. It's a strange little story which never fit in anywhere else, but I've always liked it. Crescent Moon Press gave it a home. Let me know what you think!

On a mark your calendars note: I will have another quickie coming out from Ellora's Cave on October 24, 2007! BONFIRE NIGHT is a paranormal, Halloween themed, erotic romance (so this one's only for those of you over 18 years old). As the date approaches, I'll post more information.

And finally, some of the Samhain authors have gotten together to put out an unofficial monthly newsletter--THE SAMHELLION. Each month will have a specific theme (September's theme is Beginnings in honor of the new school year). There will be articles on writing, life, food, fitness, fiction short stories and all manner of things to entertain. The first issue is due out on September 15th. My article in that issue is about the gypsy-ish lifestyle I've been living.

To subscribe go to:

We're also holding a subscription contest, giving some lucky subscribers the opportunity to win books (e-books and paperbacks) from the Samhain authors. So come on out and play!

More news as it happens. And site updates coming soon!

Enjoy the last few weeks of summer!
Happy Reading!