Thursday, June 14, 2007

Marshall's Guard in PRINT!

Happy June!
My webmistress and I are working on a total revamp of the website, so I've been delaying updates, but I thought this bit of news couldn't wait :)

MARSHALL'S GUARD has finally made it into print! Yayay! With a new cover and everything. What do you think of the new cover? Pretty cool, huh? :)
At the moment, the print edition of this award winning book can be purchased directly from Cerridwen Press. Within the next month, it should be available from Amazon and within the next two months or so, it should be available through bookstores.

And one other little bit of news: I officially have a release date (finally!) for Destiny's Seduction as well. The e-book will be re-released on August 23, 2007 from Cerridwen Press. And Thief's Desire is scheduled to go to print this summer. I'll be sure to let you know as soon as that book hits the warehouse too!

Watch this space for our complete revamp of the website. In the meantime, Happy Reading!!