Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Happy December!

My Ellora's Cave Wild Winter Quickie--CHRISTMAS HELP HER--is officially out this week (Wednesay, December 13th)! For those of you who enjoy naughtier stories, I hope you'll give it a try and let me know what you think. Here's the blurb:

"Paige Rogers is overworked and exhausted from trying to make her dream of running an art school come true while still working full time. She's so exhausted she hasn't even managed a sexy thought in longer than she can remember, nonetheless an actual orgasm. And she's supposed to be in her sexual peak! Then she finds a mysterious present under the Christmas tree, a book containing erotic pictures of a man who looks suspiciously like her upstairs neighbor, the artist Ethan Jackson. And Paige discovers she might have a sexy thought or two after all.

But when the real Ethan Jackson shows up at her front door looking for his new cat, Paige realizes she wants more than just the fantasy. She wants Ethan. Will he want to deal with her crazy life after the holidays? With a little help from some mysteriously placed mistletoe and an unusually clever cat, Paige learns just how far her Christmas fantasy can go."

For those who like your Christmas Stories a little tamer but no less sexy and paranormal (or who just want to read another of my holiday tales ), my novella CHRISTMAS PRESENT is still available from Echelon Press. (If you go through the main page at Echelon, you can find this book by clicking the Web Store link, then the Novella link.)

For those of you who have been enjoying my contests, I've decided to forgo one for December and instead have one in January as that's usually a quieter month and everyone is recovering from the high of the holidays. You need a little fun to make January nicer :) If anyone has a suggestion on the type of contest they'd like to see me run, please send me an email. Or just email to say HI! :)

Happy Holidays!! May your December be cozy and comfortable, your loved ones healthy and happy, and may your holiday wishes come true!