Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Happy November

Did everyone have a good Halloween? Now we're into the chilly days of November and the count down to Thanksgiving. Yay, a holiday dedicated to eating--you just gotta love that. We're going to have nachos and pumpkin pie this year. We're traditionalists :)

First a bit of news and then the all important announcement of the winner of the Grand Prize for the October contest.

The anthology of Zircon Short Stories, SUM3, will be released from Zumaya Publications in early November. My fantasy romance story, The Last Guardian, won the 2004 Zircon Short Story Contest and this is your chance to finally read it. I'm really looking forward to this anthology myself so I can read some of the fabulous stories from this most excellent contest.

Also, I have an exact release date for my Wild Winter Quickie from Ellora's Cave. CHRISTMAS HELP HER will be released on December 13. Be sure to mark your calendars! Of course I'll say this again closer to the date :) And if you're looking for an Isabo Kelly Christmas story before December 13, you can still get my romantic paranormal novella, CHRISTMAS PRESENT, from Echelon Press or Fictionwise.

And NOW, the winner of the Grand Prize in the Guess that Spooky/Paranormal Movie Quote contest is Sherry Haut! Congratulations Sherry!

Sherry has won a FREE Isabo Kelly e-book of her choice; a fabulously elaborate sarcophagus pen box--with pen; a dragon charm, velvet thong bookmark; a pair of handmade earrings; a set of playing cards with EC/CP covers on them and the MARSHALL'S GUARD card autographed; chocolate; orange glitter candle; and a Halloween pencil--because it's cute and fun.

And for those of you who are curious, here are the answers to the Movie Quotes:

WEEK 1 QUOTE: "Ray, if someone asks you if you're a god, you say YES!"
--GhostBusters (cause, who ya gonna call?)

WEEK 2 QUOTE: "Well what was your plan? To sit chained to the radiator until you grew paws?"
--Wolf (the one that seemed to stump most people!)

WEEK'S 3 QUOTE: "Half-Vampire... Half-Lycan... but stronger than both."
--Underworld (cult classic--and easier quote than week 2)

WEEK 4 QUOTE: "No, you must believe me. It was a horseman. A dead one. Headless."
--Sleepy Hallow (said by the incomparable Johny Depp)

Congratulations again to all the Weekly Winners: Mina Gerhart (week 4); Eric Molenaar (week 3); Diane McConnell (week 2); and Jeanette Jackson (week 1)

Thanks for playing, everyone! Look back in December for more contest fun. And in the meantime, Happy Reading!