Monday, January 28, 2008

Mid-Winter Update

I can't believe how fast the year is going already! It's nearly February. But hopefully it's proving an excellent year so far for everyone.

I'll be attending Celebrate Romance again this year. It will be in Columbia, South Caroline from February 29 - March 2. I'm giving another one of my animal talks this year, only this time I'm dealing with mythical creatures. There will also be a booksigning for the general public at Books-A-Million on Saturday night from around 5:30pm to 7:30pm. But for those of you who want face time with your favorite authors and a more laid back booksigning on the Sunday, try to attend this wonderful reader based conference! It's always so much fun.

BONFIRE NIGHT received two more excellent reviews:

FIVE ANGELS! "Bonfire Night is a phenomenal story that a reader won’t be able to put down."
--Fallen Angel Review

FOUR LIPS! "Bonfire Night is a short, spicy, exciting and romantic read..." --TwoLipsReviews

TALES FROM LACHMUIRGHAN has garnered an Ecataromance Sensual Reviewers' Choice award and an excellent review. Yay, Lachmuirghan!
"Experience the delight, the passion and the mysticism that be found in the pages of Tales of Lachmuirghan." --Ecataromance Sensual

Since February is upon us, it's time to get your copy of IN THE GLOAMING in paperback! You can already pre-order the book from but the book should also be available through your local bookstores as well.

Ellora's Cave have released a several paperback anthologies of naughty Christmas tales, one of which includes my Quickie, CHRISTMAS HELP HER. The anthology is WICKED WINTER and is available from or directly from Ellora's Cave.

My New York RWA Chapter has been doing some really exciting things lately, including holding a contest for short shorts called Love Bits in the Big Apple, where all the stories were to be set around a NY landmark. I entered and was one of the lucky seven winners! The winning stories wil be posted, one a day for a week, on the chapter MySpace page from February 10-17. There will be contests and drawings run during the week, so be sure to stop in every day and read the winners. My story will be posted on the final Sunday (February 17th). And for those of you hoping for a little bit more from Cary and Deacon in The Trouble with Black Cats and Demons, my story revisits these characters. The story is called The Trouble with Muggers and Demon Dogs :) Let me know what you think!

Another exciting new feature of the NYRWA chapter is the video interviews being posted on our updated website. You can see little old me discussing the business side of e-publishing as well as many of our published authors and members discussing their books and the business. Please stop by and give it a look. The wonderful people putting the videos together have done an excellent job! They're a lot of fun.

I'm currently editing a new novel for Ellora's Cave which will be released later this year. The nove is a science fiction romantica called SIREN SINGING, which will be the beginning of a new series called Warrior Born. Look out for more details on the release date and excerpts!

Also, since the contracts are all signed, I can announce I finally have a new home for THE PROMISE OF KIERNA'RHOAN. Samhain Publishing will be re-releasing this novel in late 2008. I'll keep you updated on the exact release date as well as updated information on the sequel.

Happy Reading!