Tuesday, August 01, 2006


To fill the hot weeks of August, welcome to Movie Madness--a contest for fun and prizes. This is a game for those of you who are mad into movies, and maybe watch a couple of them more than once (okay, lots and lots) like me.

HOW IT WORKS: Each week, starting on Tuesday, for the next four weeks, I will post a quote from a Science Fiction or Fantasy Movie--hopefully one not too obscure. :) To enter, just send me an email with the title of the Movie, your name and your email address.

If I think the quote is proving too difficult for people to guess, I'll post a clue on the Friday after the quote is first posted on the website.

A random winner will be selected from all correct entries each week and announced on the day when the next quote is posted. After the final week, I'll draw a random winner from all correct entries from all 4 weeks for a Final Grand Prize. That means if you enter each week for all 4 weeks of the contest (and you guess the correct movie each week ), you'll have 4 entries in the Final Grand Prize drawing.

Each weekly winner will receive a pen (color of your choice) and a thong bookmark. One Grand Prize winner will receive a gift box with (among other things) an Isabo Kelly e-book of your choice, or a coupon for a free Isabo Kelly e-book of any upcoming releases (good for 1 book only; no expiration date). Please read the Official Rules below.

And now for the fun part...

THIS WEEK'S QUOTE (a classic!): "Hello, my name is Indigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die."

Good luck! And Have Fun!

1. An individual may only enter once per week.
2. An individual may enter once each week for the 4 weeks the contest runs (for a total of 4 entries).
3. Each entry must contain the Movie Title for that week. Once a new quote is posted, entries from the previous week's quote will not be accepted.
4. One winner from all correct entries will be drawn at random each week.
5. Weekly winners will receive a pen (color of choice) and a thong bookmark.
6. After the final week, all correct entries from all 4 weeks will be put into a Grand Prize drawing where one winner will be selected at random. If an individual enters and guesses the Movie Title correctly each week, that individual will have 4 entries placed into the Final Grand Prize drawing.
7. The Grand Prize will be a prize box containing the following (subject to availability): a very posh pen, bookmark, chocolate, playing cards (with Ellora's Cave and Cerridwen Press book covers on the faces), a free Isabo Kelly e-book of choice or a coupon for 1 free Isabo Kelly e-book of a future release (good for 1 book only; no expiration date) and a hand crafted dagger charm (or handmade earrings, depending on availability).
8. Isabo Kelly reserves the right to alter the contents of the Final Grand Prize should any of the above items become unavailable. Final content will be announced with the announcement of the winner.