Thursday, January 05, 2006

First, all the good news --

Congratulations, Liz Denler! Liz won an autographed, paperback copy of DESTINY'S SEDUCTION. Happy early Christmas! And thanks everyone who entered.

I finally have a release date for my Cerridwen Press book, MARSHALL'S GUARD. The official release date is December 15, 2005! Yay, just in time for Christmas.

And CHRISTMAS PRESENT is now available at both Fictionwise and Echelon Press. Fallen Angel Reviews gave this novella a Recommended Read, Five Star review. Why not treat yourself to an "emotion-filled" paranormal romance for the season. Or better yet-get someone else to treat you to a new story.

As some of you may have heard, LTDBooks will be closing its doors at the end of this month (this is not good news). I truly enjoyed working with LTDBooks and will be very sad to see them go. The closing of LTDBooks has necessitated finding a new home for some of my soon-to-be-orphans.

So far, Cerridwen Press has contracted to publish THIEF'S DESIRE (this is the good news). They are also looking at DESTINY'S SEDUCTION and will hopefully be interested in publishing that book too. I will have to let you know about a possible new home for THE PROMISE OF KIERNA'RHOAN - this is going to depend on a few things. When I have a new release date for THIEF'S DESIRE, I will be sure to post the information here.

But remember, you can still buy
THIEF'S DESIRE, DESTINY'S SEDUCTION, THE PROMISE OF KIERNA'RHOAN, and the DREAM QUEST anthology from LTDBooks until the end of this month - they're having a big sale too, so buying yourselves an early Christmas present might be in order.

THANKS: Thanks to everyone who answered my blog question. Anyone who'd still like to comment, please feel free to email me. Do you read writer blogs? What do you think of them?

I'd also like to thank everyone who let me know they enjoyed the excerpt of THE TROUBLE WITH BLACK CATS AND DEMONS. I will be posting the entire first chapter to my newsletter in the new year, so anyone interested has time to join the newsletter now. Just email me at or click the link above.

And Happy Reading!

~ Isabo