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Fire and Tears Series

DAWN IGNITED ( previously published as WARRIOR'S DAWN)

"Without saying too much about Althir, because I think discovering him was one of the biggest treats in this story, I really enjoyed him. He was such a contradiction in someways and really had some unexpected entertaining depths. I loved the dance between Mina and Althir because neither trusted the other’s motivations but they were both driven enough to be supportive partners in their mission. Watching them move from reluctant partners through hatred on one side and mistrust on the other to partners who were determined to do whatever was required to fulfil their mission and protect each other was certainly a treat. Not only did their trust grow but so did their mutual sexual tension until I couldn’t wait for them to finally have a chance to give in. And when they did **fans self** whew!"
~ Bookpushers


" I really felt for them as they struggled between their love for each other and their care/loyalty towards their people... I really can’t wait to read the next installment."
"I found it fascinating that they are both powerful weapons in their own right, and that they weigh the costs of what happens if the bad guys get control of either of their magic."
~ Bookpushers


"The story's wonderful world building will immediately grab readers' attention. Fantasy fans will appreciate the unique setting as well as the distinctive physical characteristics that make Kelly’s beings stand out from others in the genre. Readers should get ready for some great action scenes as well as more tender moments as the human Layla and the elf Ulric make their own magic — together." 
~ RT Book Reviews

The Naravan Chronicles

PROMISE (previously published as THE PROMISE OF KIERN'ARHOAN)

"This fast-paced science fiction adventure grabbed my attention from
the first page. Isabo Kelly did a wonderful job of creating this fictional world of Earthlings and aliens. I particularly enjoyed the relationship that grew between Kira and David. As a reader of both science fiction and romance books, I feel this book satisfied my craving for both."
~ RT Book Reviews

SECRET ( previously published as THE SECRET OF NARAVA)

"An intricately woven plot, complex worldbuilding and likeable characters make this futuristic romance an excellent read. Subtlety is the name of the game as each aspect of the book comes together to form a cohesive, enjoyable story. Everything from the wonderful descriptions of the distant planet to the artfully realized deep space creatures to the brilliant, realistically flawed heroine showcases this author’s seamless writing style."
~ RT Book Reviews

Other Reviews

"A fast-paced fantasy romance filled with warmth and love." ~ RT Book Reviews

"DESTINY'S SEDUCTION is a wonderful sequel to the author's Thief's Desire...." ~ RT Book Reviews

"This well-crafted space opera depicts hardy folk in swashbuckling circumstances, flying their rusted, banged-up space junk into the light of a star rising above the horizon of a new world." ~ RT Book Reviews